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The Home of New and Used Buses and Vans in Kansas


The Bus Center’s variety of bus and van options are built to serve the growing and varied transport needs of Kansas. Our Multi-Function School Activity Buses are available both new and used and our passenger vans and school buses will get you from Topeka to Wichita to Colby and all the locations in between. If your trip along I-70 requires seating options for more than 27, The Bus Center has the options you need. Our goal is to serve Kansas’ bus and van needs by keeping purchasing [...]

Iowa’s Passenger Van and Shuttle Bus Provider


The Bus Center’s transportation services reach into the lovely state of Iowa! Transit needs ranging from large to medium sized to VIP are met both efficiently and affordably by The Bus Center. We keep new and used buses, wheelchair accessible vans and shuttle buses well-stocked in our extensive inventory. You’ll even find mini buses and Multi-function School Activity Busses (MFSAB) in our warehouses! Local daycares, retirement communities, churches and private schools trust The Bus Center product to keep their groups safe, sound and moving quickly.

Indiana’s Dealer of New and Used Buses and Vans


Whether you’re looking for a new or used bus on the northern bank of the Ohio River, or you need a passenger van in Indianapolis, The Bus Center is the provider you’re looking for. We’re the bus dealers of Fort Wayne, Lafayette and everywhere in between. Our mass transit vehicles will drive you along the coast of Lake Michigan or through the crowded streets of your nearest metropolitan area. That’s our goal – to provide our customers with the quality and efficiency they’re looking for when purchasing their vehicle of choice.

The New and Used Bus Dealer of Illinois


At The Bus Center, we know how it goes. You’ve got a group of people – maybe it’s a retirement community, a church small group or first grade class – that needs to travel somewhere. The issue is – how do you move that many people quickly and efficiently? At The Bus Center, it’s our mission to fulfill all of Illinois’ mass transit needs. We provide new and used buses and vans for sale. Our shuttle buses, school buses and passenger vans and other vehicles are all top-notch quality at an affordable price. That way, your group never goes without a set of wheels again. We're The Bus Center, and we are the
Idaho’s New and Used Bus Dealer


Transporting a church small group, retirement community, or maybe a kindergarten class? At The Bus Center, it’s our mission to make that process smooth and simple – fulfilling your mass transit needs every step of the way. We’re the state of Idaho’s new and used bus seller. Our school buses, shuttle buses, mid-size vans and other vehicles are all of the highest quality and available at an affordable price. With us, your group never goes without a ride.


Our Invent [...]

The Bus Center Hawaii Even on the beautiful and tropical islands of Hawaii you’ll find that The Bus Center is able to provide the highest quality new and used buses and vans! We bring a myriad of transport options to you all the way in Hawaii, including wheelchair accessible passenger vans and buses, Multi-Function School activity buses and mini buses – all alongside our massive inventory of large and mid-size passenger buses and vans. Our large inventory means we always have buses and vans for sale so that we are always able to meet your transportation needs. Whether it’s a school event, a church group, a retirement community or just a group of people who need to get from point A to point B, the Bust Center is Hawaii’s bus dealership. From Economy to Luxury, We Offer Limousine Buses and Vans and Executive Shuttle Buses. We’re the place to buy a bus in Hawaii. At The Bus Center, we stock a complete line of mass-transportation vehicles for any size group. Prices range from economy to luxury. Here’s a few options broken down into capacity categories to help you decide on the right vehicle:   Standard Passenger Vans - 12-14 seats Tran [...]
Colorado’s New and Used Bus and Passenger Van Sales


With The Bus Center providing a large stock of new and used transport vehicles to the whole state, you never need to worry about your group travel in Colorado again! We offer large and mid-sized passenger vans and buses – with a wide enough to selection to meet nearly any transit need! From Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB) to wheelchair-accessible multi-passenger vehicles, The Bus Center makes sure its customers have what they need. Transporting a church group or children for school field trips? The Bus Center has what you are looking for. 

California’s New and Used Bus and Passenger Van Sales


California’s transportation needs are always met by The Bus Center! Thanks to the large market we serve and the multitude of buses and vans we provide, The Bus Center is able to cater to the varied transport needs of the nation’s most populated state. Our Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB) and wheelchair-accessible multi-passenger vehicles mean that we can help you carry just about any group to any event or gathering! Be a school field trip, a church group or retirement community, The Bus Center will make sure you are well equipped for any kind of travel. 

Arkansas’ New and Used Bus and Passenger Van Sales


At The Bus Center we provide our customers with the highest quality of new and used buses and vans. We’re always making sure the state of Arkansas is well-stocked and fully equipped for their mass transit needs. Often times we provide transportation vehicles to churches, daycares and retirement communities. If you have a large group that needs to travel, The Bus Center can provide the answer. Our buses even deliver on a variety of uses, such as mid and large-sized school buses, Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB) and wheelchair-accessible multi-passenger vehicles.

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